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Astrology VS Astronomy

Astrology and Astronomy share common roots, however, their definitions and meanings are different. Astronomy refers to the study of the universe; the contents of the world outside the earth’s atmosphere. Astrology on the other hand, is the study of positions, the properties and the motions of celestial objects. It is an attempt to understand how the various positions and motions of these celestial objects can affect people and events on earth. Astrology can be used to predict future behaviours, patterns and events. Astrologers have attempted to study and understand astronomy and its theories more accurately to increase the accuracy of their predictions.

The origin of Astrology

Astrology continued to be studied as part of a mainstream science for centuries. It was only around the 1600’s when Isaac Newton was able to demonstrate that celestial bodies had a physical process by which they could affect each other.

He concluded that the same laws of gravity which caused an apple to fall from a tree also had similar effects to the motions of the celestial spheres. Since his theories were tested and proven, astrology began to be studied as a separate subject completely. Using several scientific methods, predictions started being made about celestial phenomenon.

The differences between Astrology and Astronomy:

Astronomy is a science, while Astrology is a pseudo-science.

Astronomy is a natural science. It deals with physics, chemistry and the study of the evolution of celestial bodies. Astronomy has been studied by great scientists for centuries. It is a scientific study of the moon, the stars and the planets.

Astrology on the other hand is considered a pseudo-science. Astrologist study the movements and positions of the stars in order to try and determine if there is any correlation between their motions and positions and events on earth. Astrology is studied under the belief that the positioning of these celestial bodies have an influence on the earth, on human behaviour and on future events.

Astrology and culture:

Astrology plays a huge part in several cultures, such as Chinese, Indian, and the Mayans. Several details charts have been developed over centuries by these cultures in order to plan and chart the different planetary positions. These charts were then used to predict future events from celestial bodies and observations of them.

Astronomy on the other hand, dates back to centuries before Astrology became an independent study. Astronomy dates back to almost the 3rd millennium BC. It was widely used in the Indo-European culture to predict seasonal shifts and also to interpret celestial cycles.

Theories of Astronomy and Astrology:

Astrology uses scientific facts and evidence to study and observe the various planetary positions. Astronomy studies the motions and positions of these celestial bodies which are situated beyond the earth’s hemisphere.

Astronomy on the other hand, follows the theory that everything and everyone in this world is interconnected. It follows a belief system that everything has an influence upon one another, including human life, events on earth, and the planets and their positioning. It believes that the different positions of the planets can have a direct influence upon various human behaviours and events happening on earth. Astrology thus studies these various positions to try and predict future events which will happen on earth.

The study of astrology and astronomy:

Astrology is studied using computer programs to ascertain the various planetary positions. This is done by using the real work done by scientists and astronomers.

Astronomy is studied by using telescopes to learn about plants, stars and galaxies. Astronomers can directly view the planets, stars and galaxies by using their equipment. Astrologers however, have no requirement to view the actual stars and planets, unless they want to do it as a hobby! Astrologers use the positioning of the stars and planets to make their predictions.

Science and belief:

Astronomy is a real science, and can be studied as a subject. There is adequate proof and evidence to back up the theories of astronomy.

Astrology, on the other hand, is a system of belief. There is no evidence or proof to back up the theories or predictions made by astrologers. In the Western World, astrology is based on the 12 houses and the division of each person into the 12 different signs. It can determine a person’s characteristics and behaviour to a great extent. It can even use this information to predict a person’s future. However, this is a generalized prediction, and can be accepted by any individual belonging to a certain sun sign, birth date or birth month.

Indian and south Asian astrology is based more on charting of the date, day, time and the planetary position to determine a person’s future. This is a more specific prediction which can apply to any individual himself.

Astrology and astronomy originate from the same roots, and it was only in modern times that it started to be studied as two separate fields. People can often get confused between them, however, they are two different fields of study.

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