Take The Help Of Astrology To Make Your Relationship More Romantic

A perfect relationship is all about the proper compatibility between you and your partner. When you fall in love, everything seems to be very colourful and made for you. However, with the passing of time, the old charm and romance get lost because of the tight schedules and other necessary duties on both of your part. No matter how much you try to make things normal, it just would not go right and rather, there is a high chance of it getting worsened and very unromantic. While this is very emotionally stressful, you would try to console yourself saying that this detachment is quite normal. But a little effort from your side can also make your relationship a blooming one.

n this regard, we can suggest you that astrology is such a medium that will definitely help you in this regard. You must know the prevailing atmosphere, your home, your partner and the space with which you are surrounded to find that perfect balancing zone that would make your relationship very romantic and attractive for you. These zones are mainly the various directions, corners and sides of your house, a minor improvement in which can definitely bring entirely a new twist in your chemistry with your partner.

You can consider the following tips:

  1. The ideal direction in your house where you can set the bedroom is your south. Having the bedroom in south will definitely help you astrologically to have a more romantic relationship, according to Vastu Shastra.  In this direction, all the forces of astrology work properly and your bondage with your partner becomes stronger.

  2. You should always keep the north-eastern zone of your house very clean. This direction indicates freshness in all aspects and moreover, your relationship will also be refreshed and more romantic. Once you keep it clean, your [partner will be more attracted to you and an entire new spell of love would be poured down in your life. Also, keep your house free from any sort of clutter. Keeping your place free from mess will definitely make you and your partner better and will automatically create a romantic mood.

  3. In order to make your relationship healthier, you should remove the blue colour from the south-south-western portion of your house. Many astrologers have suggested that the removal of this colour from this zone will act as an enhancing factor of increasing love between you and your partner.

  4. Keeping a photo of your beloved in the north-north-west zone will make your partner realize your love for them. Also, you can just have a mini smile by a mere look in the picture. It shall definitely make you feel good. It is astrologically proven that this direction had made the best effect in making a relationship more romantic

  5. The influence and combination of the Moon can also affect your relationship to a great deal. Since Moon influences your mind the most, you will act differently in differently situations. In case of a relationship also make sure that the moon is places in the 5th, 7th or 12th house. This will increase the chance of your partner getting attracted towards you by a high rate.

  6. Always ensure no to place washroom of kitchen in the south-western zone. This would indirectly affect the happiness of your relationship. I can create a huge barrier between you and your beloved one which is definitely not desirable.

  7. If a proper harmony is created between Venus and Mars, then your love life will bloom with romance. This would, again, depend on the Fire, Earth, and Air and the maintenance between them. Always keep on checking that these factors are properly balanced. A little effort from your side can change the entire equation if you just keep a proper check on these factors and to be very honest, these would not take much time also.

All the above seven tips have been suggested by eminent astrologists to their clients and a survey among the clients reveals that these tips had helped them a great deal to make their relationship more compatible and their partner had been attracted to them like never before. Once you visit an astrologer, you would be told what would be the best for you and all you have to do is to act accordingly. You would definitely get the best of the results. Although there are several people being a little doubtful about astrology, but once you adopt this way, you would get the best results. You would be able to get back the good old says of your relationship which you had always longed for. So have a happy time with your partner by filling your live life with limitless love and affection.

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