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Breakup With My Boyfriend, Astrology Can Help

I was divested completely when my relationship with my boyfriend ended. I overcame my depressed and stressed life very smoothly.

Thanks to Astrology! Are you surprised to read this blog? Well, do not be as I experienced the difference in my daily life believing in Astrology. I am a person who takes time to get over any event or situation that hurts me or leaves me in tears. No matter how hard I may try, but moving forward with a happy heart seems impossible. I decided to consult an Astrologer and get answers to my questions.

Astrology has the power to predict the changes in one’s life. It will let a person know how the days, months and years will be. In case of relationship, it will certainly help you to deal with your emotions, desires, aspirations and will guide you to handle the person accordingly. Based on Astrology breakups usually happen if his/her Mars and Rahu have more effect on the birth chart. Sometimes Jupiter and Venus too are responsible for the breakup.

       Know About Your Love Horoscope

One need to keep their emotions under control and one also needs to understand that many things happen due to the change in the planetary position and if we give direction of our energy, we will be able to overcome our depression soon. Based on Astrology one can know the basic nature of a person from his or her horoscope. Birth chart can very well reveal about depression, stress, or some kind of failure in a person’s life.

For example the presence of a malefic planet;

 The Moon is in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Sun

• The placement of the Moon is alone in any house of a horoscope and no other planets are on either side of the same.

•If the Moon combat due to its association with the Sun.

• The Moon is malefic in a birth chart and posited in a malefic house.

• If Rahu, Ketu and Saturn aspects are conjoined with the Moon in a horoscope.

• The Moon and the ascendant are badly afflicted due to aspects of natural malefic planets.

• If fourth house is weak, i.e. it has no power and there is a presence of a malefic planet.

• The Moon conjoins between two malefic planets.

• If the Moon is badly placed in the 6th, 8th and the 12th house of a horoscope.

The above can be few factors I have to learn through my experience. Astrology provides remedies too, for such difficult situations like worshiping Lordshivaand offering water, keeping fast on a particular day, different remedies can
be prescribed based on the horoscope.

The Moon is a very vital planet, according to astrology; it has been seen in various cases of incurable depression. These are all due to the ill placement of Moon therefore, along with the remedies associated with the Moon, a complete analysis of the placement of planets is essential, as sometimes it is impossible to remove bipolar or depression even after medication.

It is important to get in touch with experienced astrologers who can study the horoscope deeply and find solutions to depression in case of breakup, loss of money, and failure in love life, divorce or any other emotional setback.

However to understand, depression is a state of mind. If it is not diagnosed or cured at the right time, it can lead to serious disorder and affect a person psychologically. It can lead to losing faith from people and trust from humanity.

Sometimes we do not want to get hurt or hurt people in our lives, but we end up doing so. You are not to be blamed for anything, but this is how your birth chart/planets are made up. It is time you accept your being “as you are” and be natural that is the only way to get over all this frustration or depression. Acceptance is the biggest solution to every drawback.

Vedic Astrology can only help you to understand your situation; it can make it better to some extent. Astrology is an information giving science. It can give you solutions based on the planetary positions, your birth stars, however, no predictions are for eternal there can always change, and life is changing every moment. Therefore, your own conscious efforts will get you the results soon.

Astrology has lots of power and this will certainly help you to polish and encourage you to use your own inbuilt power to bring happiness and inner peace.

I found the solution through akashvaani where Vedic experienced astrologers gave me remedies to overcome my depression and emptiness.

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