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Astrology can predict if you have chance of getting diabetes and provide remedies

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), diabetes currently affects 371 million people worldwide and 187 million of the patients do not even know that they have it. While we are eating, pancreas produces sufficient insulin to break down the sugar from our food to glucose. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which causes the patient’s pancreas to produce no insulin. As a result the sugar cannot be broken down and it overflows into the urine, causing the inflated blood sugar levels in your body. It can severely damage your kidney in the long run. But you do not need to worry. Astrology can indicate whether you will be affected by the disease in future by checking your horoscope. If you already have diabetes, astrology also suggests some remedies to cure it.
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Planets that can cause you diabetes

Jupitar and Venus play a major role in the detection of diabetes in your horoscope. Malefic Venus indicates urinary diseases. Ill-infected Jupitar prohibits you to eat sweet things. Hence we need to check both of these planets. A weak Jupitar in 6th, 8th or 12th or Jupiter in combustion can indicate diabetes. Similarly, the disease can be predicted when Jupiter is placed in Purvashadha constellation or in the constellation of Rahu and afflicted by it. Venus rules kidney, hence malefic Venus can lead to having diabetes. There can be many reasons for a weak Venus in your horoscope. Combination of Sun or Mars with Venus in water signs can cause it to be malefic. Venus combined and aspected with a malefic in 8th house could lead to diabetes also. If both Venus and Jupitar are placed in inauspicious house and there is a malefic planet in your 8th house, you have a strong possibility of having the disease. If an ascendant is afflicted by a malefic planet and its lord is in depression between inimical signs and at the same time Venus is placed or aspects at the 8th house, it can also cause diabetes. While Jupitar and Venus plays a crucial role in the detection of the disease, we can’t ignore role of the Moon. Heavily afflicted Moon by Saturn, Mars or Sun in water signs in your horoscope can strongly indicate the possibility of having diabetes.

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Several combinations of planets that can cause diabetes

  • When either the Sun, the Moon, Mercury or Venus occupy your 5th house, diabetes is indicated. Having more than two of these planets in 5th house along with association of evil planets mean the effects will be pronounced.

  • If all three of the Sun, Mars and Saturn are located in your Lagna, you will be likely to have the disease.

  • Venus in 8th combining with malefic planets can be fatal for you and you need to always keep your diabetes in control.

  • If Saturn and Mars are conjoined, diabetes is caused. This is a very common combination found in most horoscopes.

  • When Lagna is aspected by a malefic or the lord of the Lagna is weak, this disease can be indicated.

  • If the Sun is in the Lagna and Mars is in your 7th house, it can cause the disease too.

  • Since the 5th house indicates pancreas, a malefic planet occupying it can indicate problems related to the organ.

  • If the Moon’s navamsa is in cancer and it is conjoined with a malefic, a subtle disease such as diabetes can be possible.

  • Mercury in the 8th house indicates urinary problems.

  • Association of lord of the Lagna with Mars in the 6th house indicates untimely and unhealthy diet. Diabetes can be a consequence of this.

  • It has been observed in many horoscopes that when Mars aspects the 8th house, the native is prone to this disease.

In general it can be said that when two or more planets are placed in watery signs and lords of 4th and 7th house combines with malefic planets, diabetes can be indicated. Similarly, combination of Mercury with lord of 3rd house and Mercury positioned in sign of Jupitar while aspected by Mars can also cause the disease.

Astrological remedies of diabetes

It is important to strengthen your Jupitar and Venus in order to remedy diabetes as malefic aspects of these two planets can cause you the disease. Weak Jupitar leads to obesity and pancreatic issues which then leads to insulin imbalance, and therefore, type II diabetes. Ill-inflicted Venus on the other hand, leads you towards irregular lifestyle which in turn causes diabetes. Hence it is important to balance the three chakras of your body- the root, navel and solar plexus. Perform medications and yoga every morning. It will help you control the disease. Perform Surya Namaskar early morning when the sun rises. You should opt to fast every Thursday for a year and donate yellow clothes to a temple to appease Jupitar. Feed a white cow sweet chapati for to get rid of this disease. Apart from these astrological remedies, exercising and proper diet is advised to keep your blood sugar in control.

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