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Astrology and Heart Disease: Reasons & Remedies

This is all about Medical Astrology. Now what is MedicalAstrology? How does it Works? 

A friend of mine asked whether Astrology could tell about heart diseases. Can Horoscope help to know if the individual will suffer with heart attack?

Answer is yes! Based on your kundali or horoscope it is possible to know whether one will suffer from heart diseases or not if you can come to know well in advance, you can take precautions and measures to refrain yourself from this disease.

We would read how astrology could help in gathering information about a disease. Sometimes even good doctors are unable to diagnose about a serious suffering. In such situation, Medical Astrology is based on “Yogas”, or ‘natal positions’ which helps one to know the occurrences of serious disease in advance. In human body each part is related to some or the other disease and similarly each planet, stars or nakshatra are associated to one o more disease.

These days Heart problem has become a very common suffering rather has become a household name. Reason is the demanding life. Stress in work life, family pressure, financial issues and the growingdemand socially as well personally.

In this blog, we would read how horoscope or our birth chart plays a role in Heart disease and the natal positions related to the disease. In short, we read about Medical Astrology.

It is a very important branch or part of astrology. It helps to know about medical issues in present and in future too. Medical astrology predicts on basis of natal positions, dasha and houses.

Heart is located inside your chest. Fourth house is associated with chest. Fifth house is used to analyse your heart. Leo sign is present in the fifth house, which is used to analyse the heart. Sun is the ruling planet of Leo sign. Hence, Sun is considered the planet of heart. All, fourth house, fifth house, Sun and Leo are analysed for information about heart disease.

Further, we talk about some natal positions, which give information about heart disease.

* There are chances of heart disease when Mars is in relation with Ketu.

* When Sun and Saturn are in a relation in an inauspicious house.

*When Sun is present with a malefic planet and the Lord of sixth house is in fourth house.

*Heart disease is possible when Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in fourth house.

*When Rahu and Moon are in seventh house of the kundali and Saturn is in centre house.

* The 5th lord placed in the 8th house.

* The Sun falling in the star-constellation (Nakshatra) of Ketu.

* Sign exchange between the Sun and Saturn

*Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo sign

* In the presence of sufficient affliction, the Dasa of planets

associating with SUN, the 5th house, the 5th lord leads to Cardiac illness.

Above are few positions, there are other combinations too that indicates disease related to heart. Vedic Astrologers will read the horoscope in depth to find if any natal position can be seen that might cause heart attack. This is certainly can be predicted by experienced Vedic astrologers only.

General remedies based on astrology for heart disease; these are simply to follow as a precautionary measure and in case, anyone suffering he can continue along with doctor’s medication and consultation.

* Recite the Gayatri Mantra at Sunrise time on Sundays by sitting in a comfortable posture in a quiet place. Recite at least 108 times in one sitting:

“Om bhurbhavasva, tatsviturvarenium, Bhargo devasya dhimahi dhioyonaprachchodiaat”

* Recite the Moon mantra on Mondays at night by sitting in a comfortable posture in a quiet place. Recite at least 108 times in one sitting:

“Om somsomaayanamah”

Many other mantras can be chanted for preventive measures to avoid any kind of disease however these are just mantras based on horoscope astrologers do suggest stones to wear. Stones are entirely depending upon the birth chart of an individual, hence cannot be explained under the category of general remedy.

Kindly note that the above explanation on medical astrology is not to make the reader tensed or overload with technical information rather to understand the subject one small blog is not enough. The depth of the subject is beyond explanation. In fact, a small attempt has been made to share with readers how medical astrology can help us to know about the disease, ailments and afflictions. It talks about a native may suffer when, how long and what would be the best possible methods to reduce these affects also to take measures to avoid.

As we, all know that every human being is born different so his/her stars, planets and their karma too. Astrology serves as a guide for us to live a healthier and happy life.

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