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Astrological Prediction for 2018

Since 2017 has been such an eventful year for you. It’s time to take a breather and focus on improving your lifestyle, health accelerate your career and make sure to balance your work –life in 2018.

As the year is, over we must have realised so many aspects of our lives that remained untouched. As we move towards 2018, we must leave behind in 2017 regrets, negative thinking, drama, Chaos, anger and our surroundings that bring you down. You might experience the anxiety due to a stagnant career and getting worked over petty issues, you might feel lonely; less of money, no travel, not much business or some might feel too happy to get many things without knowing how to handle. Instead of sulking or brooding let us gear up and do some check for the coming year.

2018, is a special year for everyone. It is a year full of effects from the planetary movements on our Sun signs and Moon signs. There are huge and rare planetary movements happening. These movements happen once in decades, for some people it’s a life changing experience and for some it’s challenging.

The reason for this year being special; using the Standard norms of Vedic Astrology,

The slowest moving planet Saturn or Shani is all set to move.

Jupiter -the Guru considered being the leader of all the planets makes its transition. This transition will bring changes in our sun or moon sign and the year ahead will show us the actual proof.

To begin with, in Vedic astrology our Moon sign plays an important role in predicting the future events where as in Western Astrology monthly or yearly forecast or predictions are based on our Sun Sign.

We would know more about the coming year based on the Indian old traditional way ‘Vedic Astrology.’

2018 will start with Monday says the new calendar but as it makes its milestone for the year ahead we all want it to be special and joyful with success in our career, health , job, money, travel, property , business , education, investments and of course growth in spirituality.

We all carry forward expectation, ambitions, desires and hope in our hearts as we step into the New Year and we will be only happy if the reality and our expectations are meeting. To make this happen we need to know now how the month and year going to be. What all one needs to peruse to make the best use of the good time and how one should deal with the challenging time.

We all know that life never remains the same for any one, good days and bad days are always round the corner so what we need is stability and consistency to face them and overcome our struggles.

As we run into 2018, we have few key questions in our hearts and no matter how happy we are, still would like to have the answers and know what’s store for us!

Would this be the year when I get the love of my life?

What changes will I experience this coming year with Jupiter the power house makes its movements?

Will this year; will be the year for investment for me?

Will I get a better job opportunity? Will my salary increase?

Will I be able to go abroad this year?

My relationship with my spouse has been challenging, will my bonding be stronger? Will I get fresh love this year?

Now, why do we need Predictions for the coming year?

New Year is here with all new promises and changes from the cosmic world. They suggest that the year will be much more stable. All the anxiety and unrest feelings we were going through since past years will now be at peace.

Due to the transition of two most important planets (Jupiter & Saturn) and their rare combination, will have much effect on individual’s life, routine, on health, financial status and also on our preferences & priorities?

This indicates that there is lot to look forward for 2018.

As prescribed by Vedic Astrology our Moon sign is our rashi or the zodiac sign and a well-read experienced astrologer will always give a complete prediction by studying the moon sign for the year 2018

To enhance this year’s speciality, we must know that – Firstly

*Saturn & Jupiter the key planets are placed in harmony with each other through the year!

This signifies progress financially for individuals as well for the overall society.

Secondly –

*Saturn and Ketu persistently coming closure to each other.

This closeness indicates War and Conflict. Has its impact on the people as well on the country. Every moon sign will experience different events in their life for the coming year.

All these possibilities are forming due to the rare cosmic changes.

At aakshvaani you may get your moon sign report to know the hidden benefits and the challenges for 2018.

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