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Do astrological calculation predicts past and future?

The antecedent of astrology provides a lot of number belief system which holds a relationship between astronomical phenomena and the likely events or descriptions of personality in the human world. Interestingly though astrology
has been rejected by the science community since the philosophy of astrology could not establish the relationship between planets and human behavior.

Research also has evidence that there are astrologers have found statistical relationships between the human birth date and time with the
movement of Mars Orbit.

However, certain studies have revealed that most of the professional astrologers perform astrology-based personality tests and make predictions relevant to the person. Arguably, people who continued to faith in astrology have been doing so with the known fact that there is no scientific relationship
based out in the predictions.

Let us deep dive into some factors which drives the argument of the
science in astrology:

Aims to explain the natural world

Astrology relies on the evidence of facts of the planetary movements and positions of heavenly bodies which generate predictions and explanations for events. For example, a person born after the spring equinox is likely to become an entrepreneur. Science differs on this note, that the person future course of action is very futuristic in nature and hence does not comply with the actual reality of the predictions. The likely events of the prediction are quite long enough to be proven. So the predictions could not able to substantiate its
predictive outcome.

Uses testable idea

Predictions generated by astrologers are very general in nature and theoutcome could be used to any fitted expectations. These are generic in natureand can be used to a mass population. For example, a zodiac sign impacts one’sability to command respect and authority. Since these traits are important specifically to authoritative or leadership roles, astrologers could not explain the real fact with peoples personalities. More likely scientists would be more likely to have zodiac sign relative to scientific research, however, such predictions if used in real terms, and then the astrological ideas can be

The Mathematician dilemma

Mathematicians knew that people can be fooled by seeing faces in clouds or into a host of factors that are non-astrological, these are - hidden persuaders, reasoning errors and statistical artifacts. They were also of the view that astrologers use often twisted questions which they play on different people with same zodiac sign or an overlapping birth date and time. This provides a range of data which can be used as generic answers to people. Mathematicians call these as switch data.

On the other hand, a scientist does not wait for the events to mature. However, they use their own arguments and design a parenthesis or hypotheses and ultimately give up ideas when warranted by the evidence.

Astrologers, on the flip side, do not seem to examine minutely the ideas they generate. But use those ideas as reflected by the minimal level of research in the field which rarely tries to test their arguments in fairways. Largely, the astrologer’s community ignores evidence that contradicts its own

Lack of predictive power

Astrologers claimed that the position of all the planets must be authenticated for prediction. However, studies revealed that they were unable to predict the existence of all planetary positions and thus the positions were used to superficially predict in the horoscopes.

The scientist also argued that while astrologers have taken account of the planetary positions and predicted the horoscopes, they have also to confirm with affirmative action that they have also considered the growing list of
other celestial bodies discovered simultaneously.

The Conclusion

above discussion concludes that the astrology is based on some relational database study which follows a pattern or trajectory of the planetary movements. The above discussion also confirms that science has yet to be convinced by the prediction ability of the astrologers and their hypothesis. Hence, people follow astrology has to only follow by belief mechanism only.

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