Astrological and Spiritual  advice for healthy child birth.

Astrological and Spiritual advice for healthy child birth

A marriage is said to be complete only after giving birth to a child. Today, everyone wants to have perfection in everything. So, accordingly they plan having a healthy child before even conceiving of the child and turn towards Vedic Astrology to get a kundali prediction for first child done.

They would want to know predictions on how to have a intelligent, smart baby who is healthy child as per child birth prediction.

  • To have a remarkable child, it is advised to read Vishnu Sahastranama,ArgalStotra Path or do MahamrutyunajayaJapa in anaudible voice.
  • The Mother should have sattwicfood; do meditation, japa and simple asanas.
  • Breathing exercises should also be done.
  • The Mother should read stories from our scriptures so that the child in the womb gets the vibrations.
  • Have the house painted in white, cream or yellow colour.

Each month of pregnancy is governed by a planet from the nine planets. This is apart from what the doctor has advised.

  • 1st month: 1st month belongs to Venus (Shukra). Venus should be strong else it gives problems in the first month of pregnancy.
  • Mishri sugar, saunf and coconut should be eaten if there is no blood sugar problem.
  • Do not eat spicy food.
  • The couple should clean the place of worship together.
  • Keep the house orderly and well organized.
  • 2nd month: This month is for Mars (Mangal) which governs bones and blood. If Mars is good, the child would be healthy, beautiful, strong, fearless and brave.
  • Jaggery donation is advocated.
  • Do not eat spicy food.
  • If the female is weak and has danger of miscarriage, do the Sunderkaand Path religiously.
  • Wear a copper bracelet in the right hand.
  • Red clothes should not be worn.
  • Boil 10gm of shatavaar and 10gm of mishri sugar in milk and drink it
  • 3rd month: This month is for Jupiter (Guru). If the Jupiter of mother is strong, the child will have beautiful skin, will be obedient to the mother, and very intelligent.
  • Literature and science should be discussed in this month.
  • If Jupiter is weak, avoid eating haldi and stay in company of the Guru.
  • Tilak of white sandalwood and kesar or Haldi and Kesar should be applied.
    Ask about your jupiter ?
  • 4th month:This month is for Sun (Surya). Sun is very important for soul upliftment and righteousness. If Mother has a strong Sun, the childhas a strong face and is good in Maths and Philosophy and will reach great heights through thinking and strong speech.The child would be impressive with a spark in the eyes.
  • Chant Gayatri mantra in front of the rising sun.
  • Have more intake of water which has been kept in a copper bottle.
  • Take interest in practising some art.
  • Do not eat food that increases acidity.
  • 5th month: This month is for the Moon (Chandra). If the Mother has a strong and well positioned Moon, the child will be of well-balanced disposition and a happy person having a scientific temperament. Both partners should perform these remedies.
  • Do not drink refrigerated water, have it from a silver glass.
  • During this month, replace the copper bracelet in your right hand with a silver one.
  • A silver ring should be worn in the ring finger.
  • Discussion of spiritual literature and scientific things is advocated.
  • Practice AnulomVilom
  • Juicy fruits should be eaten.
  • Every morning and evening drink warm milk mixed with 1 tablespoon ghee and little sugar.
  • Chant Mahmrutyunajaya mantra or ‘Om NamahShivay’
  • 6th month: This month is for Saturn (Shani). Weak Shani gives the child ENT or breathing problems. Do not be near people who have habit of tobacco chewing, alcohol, smoking or drugs. This is for both the partners.
  • Do not intake food that creates gases or stale food. Eat food which is rich in iron.
  • Wear iron bracelet or ring in addition to the silver one you are already wearing.
  • Donate generously to lepers.
  • Have bath in water which have belpatra added to it.
  • Plant 5 Peepal trees
  • Discussion on national, social and scientific issues is advised.
  • Recitation of Mahamrutyunajaya Mantra, Gayatri mantra, Om NamahaShivay should be done daily.
  • 7th month: This month is for Mercury (Budh). This planet takes responsibility for making the child mentally active, intelligent and smart.
  • Do Japa of Om
  • Maths should be studied
  • Take off the iron bracelet or ring.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • After sunset, only liquid intake is advised. No heavy food should be taken.
  • 8th month:
  • Worship IshtaDevta/ deity religiously based on the main planet.
  • 9th month: This month is for the Moon-the Karaka of the Mother. These remedies to be done by both partners.
  • Do not wear any metal apart from the silver ring or bracelet.
  • In the morning daily chant Shiva mantra, Mahmrtyunajaya mantra, or Om Brum as much as possible in an audible tone. Evenings recite the same mantra mentally.
  • AnulomVilom should be practiced.
  • Light coloured clothes like white, cream or light yellow should be worn.
  • Study Maths and do drawing.
  • Healthy positive spiritual literature and science should be discussed.

These are a few tips on how to have a spiritually and astrologically healthy baby with the help of childbirth astrology.

For details, Consult our expert astrologers at our website.

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