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Why in modern times ashtakoot milan (Kundali Milan) an important tool for marriage relationship to be successful

Ashtakoot Milan A New Way To Answer Modern Relationship Queries

Marriage is on the cards and you are confused that whether your would be life partner is your soulmate or not then astrology is there to make sure that you get all your answers accurately. Being the part of this fast moving and modern day lifestyle we forgot the usefulness of our our old age tradition of ashtakoot milan (Kundali Milan). So, to make sure that the modern relationship of marriage works appropriately than one should have little knowledge about ashtakoot milan (Kundali Milan).

To give the light on it, the experts of, is there and help you to find out the ways to make sure that your marriage go perfect. It can be said that only astrology can be the major keypoint in making your relationship perfect, but it plays important part in defining it.

There can be various sort of factors kept in mind while matching up the ashtakoot for say,

  • Varna : the symbol for caste
  • Vashya:  this can be counted for attraction between the couples.
  • Tara: you can symbolise it as for the longevity of the relations.
  • Yoni: from this the prediction of nature and characteristic is done.
  • Graha-Maitri:  natural friendship
  • Gana : how both the to be bride and groom are mentally compatible.
  • Bhakoot: what are the impact of each other.
  • Nadi: For the child birth.

As it can be said that matching these signs can not guarantee the perfect relation but it can help to build a relationship which has less complication and the success rate of marriages increase. The marriage is already a complicated affair, so to make it little sorted we can proceed on the direction of the ashtakoot milan and seek answers which can help readers to move forward in their marriages more positively.

If readers are still wondering why to go with milan, then they can simply go through the below points:

  • It simply helps to know the compatibility of the couple: yes! So heard right, this can help to create compatibility beforehand and help to solve the rifts much easily. For us, marriage is one of most sacred relation and considered it as for seven births, but the modern scenarios are changing and more and more rifts are created so, in someway when they have the ashtakoot milan they can know where their relation is lacking  and may put more efforts in that direction.
  • Look forward for making connection: in our mythologies and culture husband and wife are considered as each other’s half, so they must have clear about their connection whether mentally, physically, emotionally or at any other way. so , they can easily understand each other and lead a peaceful life together.
  • Financial and family adjustment: if the couple to be can easily get to know that whether they can have normal connections with their to be spouses. Ashtakoot milan  can easily describe it.

As we all nothing can ensure the happy marriage unless and until their is no mutual respect and trust between two people but the astrology provide the base to make it run smooth without much complication and give answers to all those questions which arouse in front of all those individuals.

Earlier in this article we have tend to explain the various factors which are important for the successful marriage. The modern time are the best example for

the usage of this techniques as individuals wants the best solution to make their relations strong and happy in long run.

So, if you are marrying in near future then it would be beneficial for you to look forward on these points to make sure you lead a happy life, as we can say astrology is one term which is quietly mistreated as wrongly predicted, it is a term which simply helps the two people to look forward to the solutions beforehand to make sure they have a happy married life. The earlier discussed factors easily helps the individuals to look for the remedies if they find any unwanted situation between the to be couple.

Some basic suggested remedies are for various factors of ashtakoot milan:

  • If facing the nadi dosh: as earlier explained nadi dosh create a hurdle while during the childbirth, and can create lots of issues in front the couple. That's why in astrology it is advised to have different nadis but still they have, they can look up to certain remedies.
  • Bhakoot dosh: this is one of the major force which need to look forward while matching up the ashtakoot milan. The major signs of problem is health issues, financial disputes, understanding problems but like every situation comes with situation bhakoot dosh can be removed if the actions are taken on time. Some of basic remedies can be suggested by experts.
  • Graha- Maitri Dosh: this one dosh can strongly create ego clashes, difference between opinions, various conflicts which can destroy the peace and harmony of the relation. So, the couple should go seriously go through the points and remedies if they are finding this particular dosh.

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