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Ashtakoot Guna Milan in a Married Life

We have often seen that there are many couples who are facing serious challenges, discomfort, and disgrace in their married life. Despite getting married after a careful evaluation and analysis of their horoscope matching (Kundali Milan).

This Kundali matching is an old and popular Hindu Astro system of arranging marriage based on the calculation of Guna Milan or scores between the boy and the girl intending to marry.

However, the choice of marriage is governed by the Guna or scores between them. This method is known as the astrological system of matching the compatibility factors between the bride and groom which is known as ‘Ashtakoot Guna Milan’.   

 Remedies  for Improve Low Score Guna Milan

In this method of match making the moon sign i.e Rashi, birth nakshatra and the Moon’s chart of the bride and groom are considered to assess and evaluate the compatibility between them.

While calculating the Guna, there are 8 factors which are taken into account;

1. Varna, 2. Vashya, 3. Tara, 4. Yoni, 5. Graha-Maitri, 6. Gana, 7. Bhakoot, 8. Nadi .

The weight age of these, factors are same as their serial numbers the totaling to 36 as the maximum score. Now, what do these 8 factors or AshtaKoota mean in context to the bride and groom horoscope:

Varna Koot: It is related to Ego, it talks about a person’s personality with regard to his background.

Vashya Koot: It talks about Power. The control in marriage and power equation between two people.

Tara Koot: This includes the friendship between the birth star of the groom and bride. It talks about the closeness between them.

Yoni koot : This signifies the sexual affinity between the bride and groom

Graha-Maitri Koot: Is related to the harmony of two horoscopes or Rashi

Gana Koot: Is related to the behavior and temperament of both the boy & girl.

Bhakoot: Is regarding love. It is related to boy’s Rashi moon position and girls moon position

Naadi Koot: This is related to the health and genes of the bride and groom.

In view of the above, this astrological system calculates the Guna and these scores or Guna predicts the future of a marriage;

* if the score is less than 18, the couple is not compatible this marriage will not be successful,

* if the score is between or equal to 18- 24, this is an average score and the marriage is generally acceptable or recommended.

find very difficult to continue with each other. There are cases of divorce, uncertain death of spouse, infertility, misunderstanding, financial and relationship problems. 

Experts at Akashvaani believes that simply taking a decision of marriage based on the Ashtakoot Guna Milan is not enough or sufficient for the bride and groom to live a happy married life.

In kundali matching apart from the Ashtakoot Guna Milan, there are many other astrological factors which must be studied and considered before a marriage is decided.

Good knowledgeable astrologers will never advice a wedding without having a complete consideration of all the astrological factors additional to Ashtakoot Guna Milan between the bride and groom.

The other factors, which are equally important, are the lagna, strength of the ascendant and its ruling lord, strength of the 7th house and its ruling lord, strength and nature of Venus and Jupiter. Also the natural friendship between the ruling lords of the ascendant and the 7th house, between the horoscope of the bride and the groom.

It is very important to have all the stars checked before deciding so that the relationship can be strengthen based on physical and mental compatibility. Both partners must have a clear understanding between each other, financially as well as health both plays a vital role in a married life .

Good and experienced astrologers study not only the Ashtakoot Guna Milan but will also study the Venus and Jupiter of the bride and groom as well.  The consideration of Venus is a must for evaluating two horoscopes because it’s strength and weakness affects the success or failure of a married life. For example, the Venus is not rightly placed than there are chances of infertility , likewise in  a girls horoscope Jupiter plays a very important role , it’s  the house  of husband , its strength and weakness will determine the future of the marriage .  

Therefore it will be pointless to take a decision based entirely on the Ashtakoot Guna Milan system. It is certainly advisable to take the help and suggestions of experienced

There are scores which are considered to be good are 25- 32 and scores between 30-36 are highly exceptional and marriage will be successful.

Based on Ashtakoot Guna Milan usually the marriages are fixed and a common belief that more the scores better is the married life . However, this is a myth and it’s not true always! 

Our experts in this subject have made practical observation and found that many married couples with highest scores are very unhappy, not compatible with each other and often

astrologers who has the in-depth knowledge about the Hindu Astrological system of  Kundali matching who will study each and every stars in detail  addition to the Ashtakoot to know about the togetherness between the bride and groom.

At Akashvaani we have Astrologers with more than 10-15 years of experience and have depth full knowledge about the subject. They will guide the bride & groom as well the parents to take the right decision.

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