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7 Simple Remedies with Their Scientific Meaning for Marriage Issues

remedies for marriage

Are you getting tired in your search for the ideal partner? Are you getting frustrated that something starts positively but fizzles out at the end? Feeling depressed on the marriage front? These are natural feelings when things don’t go our way in life. Friends and relatives may advice and support you, but there is always confusion on what to do or not to do! You may think your issue is too complicated! At Akashvaani, we tend to disagree! Astrology has a solution for all aspects of your life. We bring you 7 remedies for marriage issues

7 Remedies for marriage Problems, with astrology

  • Delay in marriage can happen if the 7th house of marriage is affected by malefic planets like Shani, Rahu or Ketu. The mahadasha of the particular planet currently ongoing also gives specific effects in the life of the person.
  • Pitru dosh is an important reason for delay in formalizing marriages. The desires of the person can get frustrated due to this dosh, and can be an obstacle in both marriage, compatibility issues and also childbirth
  • Vastu dosh can cause lack of energy and pace in speeding up marriage, compatibility issues leadings to fights and arguments between husband and wife
  • One must check if one has naadi dosh, from earlier births, which cause suffering in this birth. Pandits can perform specific poojas to remove the obstacles.

Remedy for late marriages

  1. Thursday, or the day of the Guru is considered most auspicious to start remedies for marriage. A simple ritual is to worship Tulsi chanting the mantra, “Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah”. The Prasad of sweet rice needs to be kept for the pooja and fed to cow as well as young girls, after taking it oneself.

Tulsi stands for desirelessness and auspiciousness. The plant does not bear any flowers and fruits yet is the favorite of the Gods and is considered a divine medium to communicate with the Sun and also the trinity. The air around the tulsi is rich in oxygen which gives the mind immediate positivity and clarity.

  1. One is requested to keep seven bunches of haldi in one’s pooja room, and after worship, visit the temple of Parvathy and offer one bunch of haldi at her feet. This is to be done for 7 Thursdays with Prasad to be offered and then distributed, after taking it oneself.

Turmeric is auspicious in nature, and Parvathi is the bride of Shiva. Adorning her with turmeric means welcoming auspiciousness, and good fortune from this divine married pair.

  1. One must take red cloth and fill it with the items such as red and green bangles, sindoor, red bindi, 7 rupees and red ribbon, and offer is to the eternal bride, Goddess Parvathy on Monday with the prayer to fulfill the desire for marriage.

  1. One can keep fasts or sacrifice a thing of one’s liking such as sweets for a specified time period.

Vratas and giving up of objects strengthens the mind, making the body and mind stronger. Person can spend the time in concentrating on prayers and God, and such faith bring positive results. This helps those who are prone to depressing thoughts.

One can have vastu consultation of the house done, especially with regard to areas such as bedroom and kitchen. The negative energy due to clutter, old things, unused things have to be thrown out, to make way for new positive energy to flow freely.

An underground water tank placed in the southwestern sides of the structures is a big cause in delays for the marriage. Bedroom in the southeastern corner can cause clashes. This direction has a fire element dominating which causes irritation and anger.

  1. The deity Durga is again considered one of the most auspicious for marriage and one must worship her. Katyayani Mantra is a popular mantra chanted by girls of marriageable age to invoke the blessings of Maa Katyayani.

Vibrations set up by this mantra infuse the chanter with peace, courage and clarity of mind.

  1. Detailed kundali analysis is the final and most comprehensive remedy to ensure that their specific mantras, vrats and poojas are prescribed for the individual requirement.

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