7 remedies that can help in various pregnancy issues

7 remedies that can help in various pregnancy issues. Also the scientific meaning of these.

After marriage, a couple looks forward to giving birth to progeny. A child would carry forward the name of the family.  A child is supposed to be a Blessing from God the Almighty. In spite of being married for a long time, a couple could face various issues like not being able to conceive orhaving miscarriages or stillbirth while trying to give birth to a child. At such cases, they take the help of kundali predictions for child by detailed analysis of the Kundali of both the husband and wife to know various remedies of astrology for the various issues faced by them.

We will see some of the astrological remedies for child prediction by date of birth.

  1. Do Santaangopalstrotrapaath consistently in front of the ladoogopal(child form of Lord Krishna) photo or idol. Also the gopalstotrayantra should be worn by the couple. It is also advised to do harivanshpuraanpaath. If the weight of body is heavy of either one of the couple, then weight needs to be decreased by watching the eating habits.  One should also resort to exercise but more attention should be given to eating healthy food.  A "bichhughaas" root is to be worn around the neck in a dark string, as it lessens the ni-santaandosha. This helps in conception of child.
  2. Lord Shiva is the god that should be revered to bring forth a youngster into this world when there are problems of conception as per kundali predictions for child.A unique cure that is doneduring the Shravan days (around about the month of August): - Take a sfatik/precious stone or parad/mercury shivling on a Monday and establish it; regularly do abhishek with cow's or buffalo’s milk together with your better half in the following way. Put a drop of milk on the shivling and say "Om namahshivay", then put the next drop and say the mantra again. Keep doing this for 108 x 5 that is 540 times. Alongwith this, likewise revere Lord Shiva with "dhatura". This cure will definitely offer you some assistance with getting gifts from Lord Shiva in giving birth to a youngster.
  3. A person should give ablutions with water to Lord Surya and feed green grass to the cow.  Immediately after conception, the pregnant lady should apply a little bit of saffron (kesar) around the navel (nabhi) for 43 days continuously. Just dip a wet finger in the saffron and apply around the navel. This helps for a person who has miscarriage.
  4. GarbharakshambikaMantra is a mantra for women who are pregnant. This mantra is a prayer to protect the womb i.e. to save the pregnancy.Garbharakshambika Mantra..
    NamoDevyaiMahaDevyaiDurgaayaiSatatamNamaha |Putra SowkhyamDehidehiGarbharakshaamKurushvanaha ||
  5. People who have difficulty in begetting progeny should recite the mantra of SanatanaGopala and worship Balkrishna (child form of Lord Krishna) regularly.SanatanaGopala Mantra-  “Om devki sut govind vasudev jagatpite Dehi ye taney Krishna tawamahem sharanam gata”
  6. If apprehensive that the delivery may be painful, complicated or may need a caesarean operation, the pregnant lady before leaving for the hospital should keep a little barley in a bottle filled with water and worship it. After safe delivery, both the bottle of water and barley should be immersed in a river or in flowing water.
  7. The following remedy as per child prediction by date of birth in astrology is to prevent miscarriages and abortions.


Just before the birth of the child, milk and khandsari sugar (a variety of brown coloured sugar that is produced in India) should be taken in equal quantities in two utensils. The lady who is pregnant has to touch both the utensils with her hands. Then, both the utensils have to be covered by tying a cloth and kept inside the house.


After the child is born, both the utensils should be given in donation to a Temple or any other religious place.

We saw various astrological remedies that could help solve various pregnancy issues with the help of kundali predictions for childof astrology. To get more detailed information on astrological remedies for child prediction by date of birth, feel free to consult our expert astrologers at our website.

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