5 things in your Kundali that tells that you are perfect for pursuing engineering

India is a country of beliefs, people believe in miracles here, they believe in God and luck. For every occasion, they look for a special date and time. The Indian society greatly believes in the actions of stars and fortune and misfortune they bring. The different positions and combination of different planets have different meanings. Every person is believed to have a Kundali. Kundali Reading takes place in order to give you an insight of what is to come.

The Kundalini is an astrological chart created on the basis of the date and exact time of the birth of the child. The kundali is a personal horoscope which predicts the interest and future of the person and the positioning of the person’s stars and luck. For example, Kundali Milan or kundali matching takes place before a wedding is fixed to ensure a happy match of the bride and the groom.
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Effect of 10th hour

The 10th hour signifies our career chances. The ascending combination of your planet at the 10th hour describes the career which is best suitable for you. So you have a strong influence of planet Saturn, Mars or Ketu on the native 10th hour then you have great chances of becoming an engineer. This combination of planets describes that you are physically and mentally capable of becoming an engineer in your life and be successful in the particular field.

The signs represent engineering

The different zodiac signs describe the different potentialities of a person into the various available fields and make a career out of it. The signs Aries, Leo, Torus, Gemini or Cancer falls in the 4th hour and the Rahu is associated with its house and its load then seeking of technical education is higher and the chances of becoming an engineer are also greater with the particular combination.

Effects of the constellations

The constellations are as important as the planets to influence the career of a person. The effect of Mercury viz. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati play an important role in the success of a student in the field of technology and engineering educations.

The Planets

It is observed that the majority of the successful career in the field of engineering are associated with people having a great influence on the planet Saturn and Mars. It is believed the reason behind this is that the planet Saturn is an indicator of forthrightness, concentration and hard work. This planet is a sign that the person is sharp and friendly with the technology and gadgets.

The different planets describing the specializations

The various planets also describe the particular branches a person can excel in the field of engineering. Bases on the level of intellect and mental abilities of the planets, it is described the persons strength on the particular field of engineering. For example, the planet Mars indicates Mechanical, Venus- Chemical engineering, Venus and Mars- Computer engineering, Mercury influencing Saturn- Civil engineering and so on.

The different planets and their influences describe the person's ability to work, intellectual stability and concentration. All these then describes the chances of becoming an engineer.


The Kundali is a combination and calculation of the different positions of the planets. Constellations, starts, date of birth and time of birth. The influence of the different planets describes the inherent traits in a person from the particular planet and tells the persons various abilities and strengths. To become an engineer the 4th hour plays a vital role, the planet Saturn and Mars have a great influence.

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