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10 things that you should definitely consider while choosing your partner for marriage

What comes in your mind for picking the right person at the time? The answer is whether you are choosing the correct partner or not. Actually choosing a person is an art and for this people always go for dating in western culture but in India boys and girls don’t get chance to meet before marriage. Hence in order to understand a person in one go you must ask question and try to consider him or her according to the answers provided. This is necessary because you are going to marry an individual person who has different views than yours.


You must ask the person’s worldviews in order to know his/her life’s philosophy and their way of interaction with the world. You will get to know the society in which they live in. it is not necessary that you both have same worldviews but having a healthy view on the general topics of the world. It encompasses the moral and ethical beliefs that define his/her personality. Moreover, it makes sense because somewhat you will get a philosopher like you to maintain long term relationship. His/her worldview should be like this that changes the society and accept each other differences.


Having children after marriage is a matter of choice of a couple. Means it is more important to various people hence if you are planning to get married then this conversation is necessary. Some people have to carry the lifestyle in which they don’t want kids, must check whether they have any medical issue or any other matter. It is universal fact when both people have a different opinion about children ends up in a broken relationship.  


Share your fear with would be and ask about his. This will help overcome the phobia and helps in achieving personal growth. Asking about fear is necessary because, if your partner ever been through any trauma and cannot be able to overcome soon then be aware. If this is the thing you will pay for this then rethink about the marrying that person. However, being aware of fears can also help in overcoming it.


Marriage cannot be healthy without support hence you should know what other person is trying to achieve, what is his/her goals in life. Asking these brings the sense of encouragement but make sure his/her dream is compatible with yours. If you need to compromise in future then reconsider your marriage again.  

Things that bring happiness to you

Not every person has same taste in music, movies, TV show, literature, art, and books. For healthy relationship must ask his/her taste of above things and try to find out the hobbies of another person so that you can give then some on their schedule. Moreover, the choices of these above things will give the insight of the partner’s inner being. What memories you share, sense of humor and dream will bring you together.


This is the thing that makes people crazy and let them forget everything in the world even also life partner. Hence, you must know his/her passion prior to marriage so that you will understand his/her passion completely. Some people love traveling, in fact, it makes them love their life. However, it will require lots of money, this will decide the travel passion of another person. This is going to create havoc in life because taking time from busy schedule, saving money and considering the place where you live. Either enjoy the adventures tour or forget it.    

History of Partner

Well, this is the topic which should be discussed or should not be discussed as per the person’s choice. If you are ready to accept a person with history then matter is solved but if you want to know all the life’s history then must ask a question about the past. This ranges from favorite school teacher to current relationship status. He/she has ever been bullied in school or in college and more. How past love had shaped the person you are seeing right now. This will definitely bring you more closely and help you appreciate each other’s fear and hope.  

Political Views

Having difference in political view is common and it usually does not lead to the end of the relationship. But make sure do you want to marry an anti-choicer or a racist, do you want to marry a liberal person or a person who believes in the cast system. Do you want to marry a person who believes in dowry? Political views say a lot about the person’s worldview, philosophy, judgment, and equality. This will help in aligning the ideologies before the things become complicated.

What makes him/her stress?

It is necessary to ask the question related to stress or notice his/her behavioral difference when he/she gets stressed. It is compulsory to know so that you will understand each other effectively and be there when time gets hard. This will also help in understanding the space the person need after marriage.

Communication and Fight

Yes, you heard it right! Communication, a most important thing in any relationship. The couple who are together for several years must have understood the verbal and nonverbal clues of another person’s mind. If you have communication gap then your partner may be struggling to share his/her views. Check whether he/she is short tempered or use abusive language because argument and fight are normal in a relationship but keep it healthy.

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