10 Lessons after 20 years of marriage.

At some point in life, people are bound to fall in love and decide to spend their life together. The part of their life that follows after the celebration of their unity is termed as a marriage and it is considered to be one of the most important things in their life. When it happens to someone, it fills them with immense joy and excitement as it changes the pace and track of their life on a whole other level. But it is not as easy as it is imagined to be. Several hardships and changes happen to you and at a rate which can sometimes be difficult to cope up. Some life lessons are learnt along the way. Here are some which are shared by the people who are 20 years into a successful marriage.


1. You can not escape from sacrifices.

After a certain point, a relationship begins to take instead of giving.  A lot of changes and responsibilities are invited when you step into the marriage life and this calls for several compromises. Time and effort have to be put into making your spouse happy. But with the right person, every sacrifice made is worth it.

2. Some things remain the same.

There are a lot of qualities that are observed to remain the same even after many years. Men will be men and women will be men is a very valid lesson to be learned during this course of life.

3. Communication is the key.

It is generally expected by a person to be able to telepathically connected to their spouse and be available for each other every time. But this idea is ridiculous and yet it is expected during the initial stages of marriages only to change afterward. You learn to express your feelings and thoughts to each other when you are into it as long as 20 years.

4. Money matters more than we believe it to be.

The financial status of the spouses takes a drastic change after marriage. You should ready to share your earnings and consider each other’s expenses while making your budget plan.

5. Prayers and beliefs can have a positive impact.

We often wish to experience miracles at times crisis and marriage is a huge magnet for the crisis. The ups and downs of the life together can be overcome with only faith and belief in each other, sometimes the God as well. This is where the marriage astrology and marriage horoscope comes to play.

6. The sense of humor and entertainment.

This is what keeps your relationship lively and very much alive. It helps to fend off your frustrations and other problems when you lighten up the aura around you.

7. Nobody cares about you.

The world does not care or want your marriage to thrive or survive. It is going to be you and your spouse and only you two care for your relationship. Only by realizing that true happiness and independence can be achieved.

8. Exchange compliments and criticisms.

A person can not be seen all good and perfect. When you find your partner’s unique quality compliment them and at the same time feel free to comment on their downside. It only helps in building a healthy and honest relationship. Also, learn to apologize when you are wrong about something.

9. Making each other as their top priority is hard but essential.

It is very much essential to make your spouse feel loved and involved in your life and also taking part in theirs. It is one way of keeping your promise about lasting forever.

10. Seeking outside help can be helpful sometimes.

Some disputes problems cannot be resolved easily and these can even put your relationship in jeopardy. At times like this, you can always invite an outside person, like a friend or a counselor to help you communicate with each other and resolve the problem.

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