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How the nature of spouse is determined through kundali reading. Which aspects of nature can be told.

How the nature of spouse is determined through kundali reading. Which aspects of nature can be told.

Marriage is a destiny where two hearts meet and find a way to lead their life together. Two factors play an important role in getting a couple into the holy marital life. One is Karma or destiny, which plays a major role in the love life of the individual. Another important factor that plays a major role in marriage is the influence of the planets. This is perhaps the reason it is possible to perform life partner prediction in Astrology.

The planets that rule our life will feel the attraction toward other planets that rule other people's life. And by nature, you feel fascinated by these people. We can shortly say that marital relationships are formed predominantly by the formation and the breakdown of the planetary motion, within one’s horoscope. 

Life partner prediction through Kundli reading?

There are many questions such as can astrology find the best life partner? Will he be able to say the nature of the spouse, before entering into a marital relationship with them, etc.? It is very much possible and the science of Vedic astrology helps us to understand and ascertain the role of planets in our lives. It is these astrological charts that express our inclination towards love, marriage, and compatibility between the couple.

According to Astrology, love relationships, romance, and marriage are governed by the Venus planet. It governs the prospect of marital life for men and women, the role is taken up by Mars and Jupiter planets. Also, the position of the Sun affects the marital relationship, if it is in the 7th place in the women’s chart. 

Thus, the Kundli chart prepared based on one’s time of birth can speak a lot about marital life and how to choose a life partner wisely. It is also possible to perform spouse prediction by Date of Birth, to live and enjoy a long marital life.

The position of planets in the Kundli chart and spouse prediction:

The astrologer will read both the men's and women's Kundli chart or horoscope and predict if they are matching with each other. This is generally done in most Indian households, before fixing marriage for their children. Here is how the astrologer reads the Kundli chart to predict the nature of a spouse.

  • The moon plays a pivotal role in the horoscope of men. If the moon accepts the Saturn planet, then the marriage will be delayed. And if the moon is very strong in the horoscope of men, they will get a beautiful wife.

  • 7th house in the Kundli chart is pivotal for love and happy married life. The astrologer will be able to retrieve a lot of information, such as the complexion and physical appearance of the spouse.

  • The 5th house in the chart should be strong so that the couple enjoys a happy and peaceful life. If the 5th house is not strong, then it will not bring peace in life. 

The Astrologers will also use the Navamsa and the Lagna chart to predict the spouse’s professions it is possible to predict the future life partner prediction in Kundli, 

Predicting spouse behavior through Astrology:

Most people want to predict the behavior of their future spouses through Astrology, apart from using it to learn their profession and age. If you ask can astrology predict the behavior of a spouse? Yes, they can, with the help of the position of the different planets in the Kundli chart.

  • If the sun is at the 7th house as native in a horoscope, the spouse will be very dominant and is ready to fight.

  • If the Moon is at the 7th house of the chart, the nature of the spouse will be very sweet.

  • If Mars is at the 7th house, then they will end up with a spouse who is impatient and impulsive.

  • If Mercury is present at the 7th house in the horoscope, then the spouse will have good communication and their language will be sweet. They will also be very friendly.

  • If Jupiter is in the 7th house, then the spouse will be very talented and will be very good.

  • You will get a beautiful spouse if the horoscope has Venus in the 7th house.

  • If Saturn will be in the 7th house the spouse will be much older.

  • If Rahu or Ketu are present in the 7th house, then the spouse will bring only bad luck to the family. 

Bottom Line:

Thus, the Kundli reading can speak volumes about the best life partner selection. And your astrologer will also be able to suggest remedies to get a good life partner, for both men and women. By performing these remedies, you can help yourself get a young, handsome, talented, and wealthy bride or groom and make your life happy and beautiful forever.