What astrology can tell about miscarriage in a person's chart.

What astrology can tell about miscarriage in a person's chart.

Abortion or miscarriage is a common occurrence in all women. Abortion is occasionally performed on a doctor's recommendation, but it is also occasionally purposefully carried out under social and family pressure. Because they can alert women to the likelihood of miscarriage based on their natal horoscope, astrologers can be crucial in the fight against abortion.Abortion is prohibited in India because it is a serious issue in our society. I'm going to talk about the native birth chart combination for abortion.

Name the House that is in charge of abortion.

Every horoscope's fifth house—which is the crucial house for conception and abortion—is affected by malefic planets, including Mars, Saturn, the Sun, Ketu, and Rahu. This is because the ninth house is the fifth from the fifth house; it is also significant for abortion. if malefic planets are afflicting the ninth house and its ruler.

Pregnancy Prediction by Date of Birth

It is said that using timing is "the magic of astrology." And another indication that you're more productive than normal is if you happen to be getting pregnant at the same time as your lunar return. Your chances of becoming pregnant rise when Jupiter, the planet of luck, transits the zodiac sign that governs your fifth house.

Kundli Baby Birth Time Astrology

The result of the forecast will therefore be affected by even a slight change in the positions of the planets. The planets' positions and, hence, the prediction, can change with even a small shift in birth time, like one second. Consequently, we should be aware that birth time is crucial in astrology. Pregnancy loss astrology online is also significant, and a suitable remedy should be sought at the appropriate time.

Miscarriage Prediction by Date of Birth

If the Moon is in the ascend, Venus is in the second house, Saturn is in the twelfth house,Mercury is in the second house, and Rahu is in the fifth house, there will be an abortion. Whichever the fifth house is ruled by the zodiac and is also rising and expanding by the malevolent planet is more likely to miscarry. There is a high likelihood of miscarriage in the fourth and fifth months after conception if the fifth sun, eleventh Saturn, moon, and Mars are in the second house.

What forces are behind abortion?

Jupiter: As the progeny's signifier, if Jupiter is ill, abortion may be a possibility. Saturn, Mars, the Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are unfavorable planets. 5th house Lord: The horoscope shown above shows that the Sun, who rules the fifth house, is in the home of the sixth ruler Mercury. Mercury is a debilitated planet and the Lord of the Sixth House, making it a malefic planet. Venus is a natural benefic planet, but in this birth chart, it rules the second and seventh Marak houses, which are very malefic. Venus also has an aspect in the fifth house. The fifth house is likewise influenced by the evil planet Ketu. The 5th house lord is the Sun, which is in the 12th house alongside Mercury, the malefic house lord. Mercury is weak in this location, making it a strong malefic. Jupiter, the planet that represents children, is also in aspect with the evil planet Saturn.

D-9 Navamsha Chart

Five house lords In the D9 chart, the sun is weak. Sun is the sixth house's sixth lord. Venus also makes an aspect from the 12th house to the sun in the fifth house. Additionally, the combination of an abortion or miscarriage in the birth chart is encouraging. Mercury, the fifth house ruler, is also on the Rahu-Ketu axis. Mercury, the Moon Chart's fifth house ruler, is weak and is positioned in the Maraka House with Marrakesh Sun. Mars, a bad planet, is housed on the fifth. Rahu, a bad planet, is another aspect of the fifth house. Saturn, a bad omen, is in retrograde, and as such, its aspect on the ruler of the fifth house is negative.

Mercury is in the sixth house in the D-7 chart for children's fifth house (malefic house). D1's 5th house Lord chart In the D7 chart, the sun is in the 8th house. Mercury, the lord of the fifth house, is also in opposition to the evil planet Saturn. Saturn is in retrograde motion and is influencing the fifth house.


She had several abortions as well as a miscarriage after becoming pregnant. She now has a son,but the question is: why? The solution is likewise obvious. representative of children Jupiter is in Kendra and has an aspect on the 5th house in the D1 and D9 charts. Jupiter is the sole planet that bestows blessings on native children.


If the abortion combo is available or not, the native should have contacted an astrologer before or after the wedding and inquired about possible solutions. Typical horoscope The 5th house lord and Mercury, the 6th house lord, are both in the 12th house. The native should follow the doctor's instructions as a remedy. She needs to give Sun Lord some water and feed the cow some fresh grass.

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