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Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Gemstones never failed to impress human being and it play a vital role for them. In fact it has played a vital role in astrological science. It helps wearer in various ways from prosperity to health. However, it is believed that wearing pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire brings various benefits to the wearer because it is associated with the planet Jupiter means GURU in astrology. Pukhraj is basically a yellow colored gemstone that is linked with digestive system, skin, and other organs of the body. Her Read more(+)

Who can wear it?

As you know, yellow Sapphire is the gemstone associated with the Jupiter and this stone proves very beneficial if the Jupiter is placed in the auspicious house. Moreover, if Jupiter is malefic in a way, an individual can wear yellow Sapphire gemstone so that it will neutralize its evil effect and protects the native. However, it is recommended that this gem should be worn under guidance of an expert astrologer for beneficial result. There are some conditions in which an individual can wear Yello Read more(+)

Shape of Yellow Sapphire

Round shaped: this shaped yellow sapphire has 58 facet of gemstone. It uncovers the different features of the stone and can be worn as pendent, ring, bracelet, and accessory.
Prince cut shaped: this is basically a square shape cut that diverse all the inclusions and impurities from the gem. It is best to wear in ring or in necklace.
Oval Shaped: this shape had gained huge popularity among women who have small finger because this gives the great illusion to the length of the hand. It resem Read more(+)

Origin of Yellow Sapphire

The mesmerizing stone has been spotted in various places in the world. It is world known that stones are only found in regions where volcanos erupt. Each any every stone is formed in the magma of the volcanic eruption. The places where these stones can be found, which are good in quality and used for trade purpose are Russia, Brazil, Rhodesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, England, and Japan.
Russia: it is major supplier of this stone in the world. In Russia there are various mines that produce good qu Read more(+)

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