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Benefits of Ruby Stone

Ruby cure blood related diseases.:- Health is more precious than wealth,in astrology overall health is defined by strength and position of sun in birth chart,if weak sun is placed in birth chart than health related issue,specifically blood related diseases can occurs frequently like blood pressure,weak immune system.BY wearing ruby we can control on blood related disease.

Ruby for Name & Fame:-
Sun is best source of energy,it creates zeal in life,ris Read more(+)

Who can wear Ruby

A native who is born under the zodiac sign leo and born in the month of july (according to western astrology), born in the aries ascendent sign, leo, scorpio, sagittarius, pisces ascendant sign can wear Ruby.

But before wearing Ruby stone we should consult from expert astrologer.

Because one theory is that ascendant of all zodiac sign can wear this gemstone after the evaluating the position of the sun in the nate chart and navamsa kundali ( D-9 ). Read more(+)

Shapes of Ruby

Indian name of ruby is manik belongs to the corundum family. The popularity of this stone due to it’s colour and shape. In indian there are many shapes of ruby.

Different cut’s in ruby

1. Princess cut Ruby
2. Round cut Ruby ( called also pota )
3. Oval Shape Ruby
4. Pear Shape Ruby ( like teardrop )
5. Heart Shape Ruby
6. Emerald cut Ruby
7. Asscher cut Ruby
8. Cushion shape Ruby

Origin of Ruby

Ruby historically comes from the mogok stone tract. The history of mines here is long . Mozok valley situated in upper myanmar (Burma). It is main Ruby mining area.

Historically rubies have also been mined in thailand, in the pailin, samlout district of cambodia, sri lanka, India, Jammu kashmir, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, Scotland, Nepal, Pakistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Vietnam. Republic of macedonia is the only century in mainland Europe to hav Read more(+)

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