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Benefits of Italian Coral

• Wearers of coral have self-confidence, will not have blood-related infections, protect against evil-spirit, evil eye, enemies, increases physical strength, and mental strength.
• It enhances vitality, love, and passion in life by enhancing mangal strength in birth chart.
• One must wear this to overcome the mangal dosh
• It is also beneficial in curing many health diseases such as strengthening of bones and curing bone marrow.
• Wearing coral with other st

Who can wear Italian Coral (Italian Coral in astrology)

If a Mangal dosh is present in any person’s kundali then Italian coral is beneficial for them. This dosh is due to the incapacitated Mars in the horoscope. Some people may have experienced the issues of wellness like blood-related issues, kidney, bone marrow, private parts, and bladder. It mainly results in cuts, operation, wounds etc. The Italian coral is considered to conciliate the Mangal and battles against illness and sickness. Moreover, the stone has amazing property to show one’s well Read more(+)

Shapes of Italian Coral

The fascinating color has boosted its market value and hence it is available in different shapes. Due to the shapes, its price varies and it is continuously increasing over the time period. Here is the look at different shapes of the Italian Coral
• Round cut coral reflects the 58 surface of the gem and can be wear as necklace, pendent, and bracelet.
• Square shaped coral
• Asscher shaped stone resembles like the waterfall model
• Emerald cut stone identical to A

Origin of Italian Coral

It is an organic compound, formed from the polyps that are a living organism. Means, when this animal dies, its skeleton remains in the water and it gets harder skeleton while remaining in the deep sea. This hard skeleton is calcium carbonate, which is your gemstone. Its hardness is 3-4 Mohs scale with a specific gravity of 2.60-2.70 and refractive index 1.486-1.658. These are mainly found in Japan, and in the Mediterranean Sea and it has traded in India especially in the northern region. It is Read more(+)

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