Benefits of Emerald

Emerald gem is stone of mercury, hence wearing it ensures success in competitive exams, and in business.

Wearing this gen enhances promotion on the job either in government sector or in private sector and enhances intellect level, memory, and analytic power. In fact the wearer can feel his/her creativity, artistic, and linguistic skills. Also able to generate new ideas.

Children who have problem with their brain, communication, and memory can wear this stone. It helps in controllin Read more(+)

Origin of Emerald

As other gemstones, it also grow as one molecule first and each molecule is forms the crystal matrix under some conditions. For gem-quality to grow, it requires sufficient space and time. Todays, stones that are mined are the result of the geologic event that took almost 1000 of years deep down the earth crust.
Mostly, emerald is formed under the hydrothermal conditions and in the presence of the important element like beryllium. These hydrothermal dispositions occur when hydrothermal fluid Read more(+)

Shapes of Emerald

One can wear any shape of an emerald like oval, rectangular, and cushion but fancy shapes like tear drop is not favorable to wear. Bigger the surface, more the energy pass through it. Read more(+)

Who can wear Emerald (Emerald in Astrology)?

A person having malefic Mercury planet can wear emerald because it boosts the power of mercury in the person’s life. It should be wear in the small finger of the right hand around 3 to 6 caret but one should consult an astrologer for the specific measure of an emerald. Read more(+)

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