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Palmistry is the study of characterization and foretelling the future through reading of the palm, also known as palm reading.It is usually done an expert who can study all the lines and give interpretations of those lines in relation to your past,present and future. These experts are known as Palmists, palm readers, hand readers or hand analyst.

A Palmist,will follow a simple process to read your hand.if you write with your right hand then your active hand is 'right', in case you write with left hand then your active hand is left .

In this prediction there are few main lines which a palmist would like to begin reading and slowly get deeper to know your problems and give you predictions based on those lines .

Palmistry Reading

Heart Line

The first horizontal line under the fingers. It helps to reveal the emotional state of a person and can also be the predictor of the health of heart.
(You have to consult the picture to find the heart line, every one might have a different one)

Head Line

The horizontal line which lies below the heart line.It is also known as the wisdom line.It is considered to know the psychological and intelligent make up of an individual.

Life Line

It is the curved Lines starts below the index finger and runs down. Usually people consult this line to know how long will they live or any health issues that might affect their long life.

Staring your fate Line

Starts from the bottom and goes up in the middle of the palm

Ending your fate line

It generally ends at the root of one of the fingers.

Minor Lines

These minor lines reveals about the 's talents, traits,qualities,nature,strength or weakness.They also predicts about the person's ups and down in life.
Based on the above main lines, our palmist predicts many things about a person.Marriage,health,wealth,relationships,education,career,travel,jobs,children,mental thinking,change of location,sexual problems,good or bad times ahead and many more major or,minor events in your life.


Markings in palmistry are positive and negative interpretations of the normal flow of palm lines.They can indicate warnings of difficulties, separations, traumatic events or health problems.They give a picture of energy level one individual may carry.
Further to these lines the shape of the hand,fingers,mounts,rings or bracelets also studied for future predictions.

Palm Reading Line

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Most Asked Questions

Q.1 What if my life line is short?

Ans. Short life line indicates lack of energy and runs out of energy quickly and doesn't complete all tasks ...continue read before stopping to rest. Know more about your life line by our palm reader. less

Q.2 How To Learn Palm Reading?

Ans.. Palm reading is about getting complete knowledge of your palm lines, planets, examine characteristics of the fingers, ...continue read fingernails, fingerprints, and palmar skin patterns, skin texture, color, shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand. We give you complete details of palm less

Q.3 Marriage Lines In Palmistry?

Ans. Marriage line is difficult to locate on pal. It is the trickiest part to read. It determines at what age you will get married, ...continue read how many marriage you will have and your married life. less

Q.4 How To Predict How Long You Will Live?

Ans. Life line on our palm predicts how long you will live. The length of the life line tell the life�s overall journey. ...continue read Our palm reader calculates how long you will by looking the length and type of your less