The Story of my life (Extended) - 70 Pages

Your life answers and Guide- Planets and effects on your life.

Your horoscope or Kundali gives you an insight into your Personality & life path. The method of Kundali is developed by ancient sages, which has been an important tool since ages and still very relevant in today's times for making human life better.

It is a detailed report about your personality, covers answers regarding various aspects of your life like Your Intelligence, education, Mind, Will power & emotions, Wealth, Knowledge, marriage, comfort.

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Planet wise detailed Answers & Guidance

Sun- Health, energy, Ego, Fame, Power

Sun is said to be the significator (Karaka) of health, vitality, energy, strength, father, honour, prestige, pride, fame, courage and personal power. Sun is royal and aristocratic planet which represents the conscious ego and the soul and deals with self realisation.

You get to know about your various personal aspects and guidance for the future.

Venus- Luxury, Marriage, Sexual desires

Venus is considered as the significator of sexual desires (kama), libido, wife. It deals with passion, marriage, luxury articles, ornaments, vehicles, comforts and beauty.

Find out How luxurious you are going to stay, your marriage life etc.

Moon- Emotions, Mind, Will Power

Moon has the capacity to influence the mind, will power and emotions. Moon is connected with water and natural forces, it's a wavering planet which deals with changes.

All about emotions, attachments, affections. Guidance

Mars- Courage, Energy

Mars is the planet which deals with courage and dictatorship. Mars is considered as the planet of action and expansion.

Your analysis about how you handle the situations, act on your plans, where you put your energies etc. Find out.

Mercury- Intelligence, communication

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and education, it's associated with speech and logic and thus has its impact on communication skills of the individual.

How well you are able to express and able to tackle situations with your speech. A detailed analysis.

Jupiter- KNowledge, wealth, Education

Jupiter is said to be the significator of wealth, knowledge, guru, husband, son, moral values, education, grandparents and royal honors. It indicates religious perceptions, devotion and faith of the native.

Very important aspect for your life. Know and take guidance from the report.

Saturn- Justice, Logic

Saturn is a slow moving planet. It is called as the planet of justice, logic and destructive forces. It deals with calamities and death. Saturn is also considered as a teacher.

How things are going to be in your case.

Horoscope Charts

The details of your horoscope charts, Your Lagna chart, Moon Chart & Navmansha Chart and D1 to D12 charts that would tell about every aspect of your life.

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Numerology Analysis

Your Destiny number, Radical Number & Name number, you will get based on the numerology, which numbers are favourable to you.

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Gemstone Suggestions

Your lifestone, Benefic stone & Lucky stone. Everything about your gemstone when you should wear it, what is the right time to wear it and much more.

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Manglik Analysis

Manglik Analysis is very important aspect in your marriage. Here you will get complete details about the manglik status. Remedies to overcome manglik dosh and much more.

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