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Planets responsible for emotional and physical attachment with your partner. Suggest remedies for the same.

Planets responsible for emotional and physical attachment with your partner.

It is impossible that we have not heard of ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’.  Marriage is based on love, trust, respect, tolerance for each other. It would also be adjustments of both the partners.  A successful marriage will always have emotional as well as physical bonding with each other. It is very essential for kundali matching by name and birth be done before the two prospective partners decide to get married.

Sometimes, we find that partners are well balanced and sometimes they are unhappy. This can be understood from the marriage horoscope.

As per marriage astrology, there are some planets and also 12th Lord of the Horoscope which afflict the marriage related house, namely, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. They play havoc in the married life of a person.

  • Sun – A weak Sun would have feelings of insecurity and would try to praise themselves. If the Sun is very strong, a person tries to dominate others.


  • Saturn–  This planet would tell us about the sexual potency, and other physical inclinations.


  • Mars – Mars is all about aggression, lust and blood circulation. If positioned wrongly, it can lead to temper tantrums and arguments between the partners. Mars is a physical planet and physical activity used constructively leads to balance.


  • Rahu / Ketu–Presence of Rahu would show inclination towards outcaste, foreigners and married people.  It could leave the spouse feeling cheated or abused by the partner.


  • Mercury– This planet is about our communication with others. Communication is very important for all kinds of relationships. Strong mercury gives better communication between the partners whereas weak Mercury can be destructive to relationships. We are easily influenced by opinions rather than the truth.


  • Venus –  Venus is known as the main planet for Love so if well placed and no cruel planets in conjunction with  it, it would give us laughter, joy and simple pleasures.


  • Jupiter –If Jupiter is well placed, its energy gives us all our true joy in life.


We also need to have a look at the various Houses like :

  • 5th House – This House is linked to the thoughts, imagination and brain.  It also gives us information about love, children and romance.



  • 8th House–  This House can tell us about scams, loss of name and external reproductive organs.


  • 9th House – This House gives us information about the extramarital affairs.


  • 12th House – This is the House of Physical pleasures.


Dashas and Antardashas need to be studied and the planetary transit of Venus, Rahu or the 5th Lord will give information about having a new relationship or losing the current one.

If calculations are done by expert astrologers and advice followed properly, it is easy to have a better relationship with the partner for a happy and long lasting relationship.

Some astrological remedies suggested for increasing the bonding in relationship are seen below:

  • The couple should go together to the Shiva temple after a bath on Monday and worship Lord Shiva by doing abhishek. Pray to both Lord Shiva and Parvati to help overcome all the problems in life.
  • Chant Gayatri mantra or Vishnu Sahasranam 108 times a day. This helps keep negative energies away.
  • The floor should be wiped with water to which salt has been added on a daily basis.
  • Fast on Fridays to appease Goddess Laxmi to increase happiness and good relations between the partners.
  • SreeLalitaSahasranama should be recited daily for peace and happiness.
  • As per the scriptures, the married lady of the house should always have the signs of a Sumangali or married woman. Wear the mangalsutra and bangles at all times. Kumkum should be applied to the forehead. The hair should have middle parting. A Sumangalishould never cut her hair.
  • A Sumangalishould bow to her husband after a bath daily and she should never shed tears in the house.
  • Mantras can be chanted as per the astrologer’s advice to appease the afflicted planets and to have better relationships with the partner.

Thus, to appease any physical and emotional relationship problems, an expert astrologer can be consulted and a study of marriage horoscope is done.