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10 things astrology can tell about Your love life

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Everybody is sensitive to love in their life. Every person has loved at least once in his/her life. Astrology believers always have questions that what would be their love life be like. Love astrology is all the new way of doing certain calculations to gfind what awaits you in your love life. Whether it is how much love would you get from your date or how long would your relation last, astrology tells it all.

When would you fall in love according to love astrology?

Your 7th house is the main house used to predict love life. The planets residing in it depicts the time of your life when you would fall in love possibly. Seeing the nature and the maturity period of your planet in 7th house tells your attraction towards a person at a certain time. Your planet in 7th house has a maturity period. That is when it will influence your life more than any other planet. This is when you would get attracted towards a person. 

Where would you first meet your love?

Again, your 7th house is an important house. Ruling planet of the 7th house shows that where you would meet your lover first. You need to see your janam kundali for the position of lord of 7th house. You also need to see that which house is overlooking or diagonally looking at the lord of the 7th house. That overlooking house and its residing planet would tell you the exact place where you would meet your partner. 

How strong would your love be?

Mars is a firey planet in your love astrology and it denotes the passion for love in you if it resides either in 7th house or near to the planet Venus in your love horoscope. The combination of Mars and Venus would make you passionate about your attraction. It would make you present romantic gifts to your beloved. Other than this your Venus in conjunction with Jupiter or Rahu would also depict that your love for partner would gradually increase.  

Would your love be successful?

If your Venus is in 2nd, 5th, 7th or 11th house then you have chances to reach the point of success in your marriage. Other than this if your 5th house's lord is exaled in the 7th house then also you might make your love successful. According to the love astrology your Mars here also plays an important role. Its exalted position in the janam kundali would surely make you to fight for your love. Beside these facts you would also be reqiuired to see the planet Jupiter in your horoscope. It would depict your devotion towards everything including love. 

Would your love end with marriage?

Besides a consent from your parents you would need a consent from your planets. Your Venus, Mars and Jupiter would decide about your fate in love marriage. Other than these planets your 7th, 5th and 4th houses matter equally. Love astrology also suggests that whether you would turn this love or attraction into a successful marriage life.  

Would your love be loyal?

Your 8th and 12th houses are the houses of your secrets. Rahu or Venus in 8th or 12th house depicts that either you are hiding something from the world or the world is hiding something from you. At a point in life, your spouse or partner would be your world. This should not create misunderstandings because the intensity of secret might be limited to just being pregnant or something very silly. 

Would you fall in love more than once? 

The number of planets residing the 7th house of your love horoscope would clearly tell you if you would fall in love more than once. Your love astrology report clearly shows that you will break with the first love if you have more than one planet residing in the 7th house. 
What kind of personality would your partner have?
Your first house is your Lagna house which represents your personality. Your 7th house is the house of your partner. Your partner would share the personality traits of the planet residing in the 7th house. 

Would your marriage partner be good looking?

Like always, your 7th house would reveal the looks of your partner. The looks of your partner would also be dependent upon your thoughts that are denoted by your 2nd, 5th and 10th house. Exalted planets in these houses will make you be concious about your choice of partner. This enhanced choice would confirm a good looking partner. Moreover if your partner resemble the planet Venus or Leo or Gemini, he/she would give more time over grooming. 

Would your love be productive in your life?

If the above said facts are positive the love life would be productive. Love astrology also suggests to rely upon the love horoscope for a smooth love life. You would not be able to change your stars but rather ruin them if you would try to go against the stars.