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Significance of Sun in your Marriage.

Significance of Sun in your Marriage.

According to astrology, the elements of love, marriage, and romance are governed by the Venus planet. This planet is the main reason for the success or the failure of one’s love life. For men, the Venus planet manages the marital prospects of men. And the women’s marital prospects are being monitored and influenced by the Jupiter and Mars planets. Sun is also an important planet that influences the marital prospects of Women. 

Astrologers will surely study the role of planets in marriage prediction.The position of the sun in the horoscope of women affects their relationship with their husbands. If the sun is situated on the 7th house of the Kundali chart, there are chances for the woman to get separated from her husband. The 7th house is the house for marital harmony and love. This is the house that signifies marriage and love. This house also renders a lot of information about the complexion, physical appearance, and also nature of the husband.

Role of the Sun in marriage:

The planets and their houses responsible for marriageare Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and the sun. Planet Sun represents the soul, power, authority, and how one can deal with people. Having the sun in a strong position in the horoscope will give a life that is full of energy. It is also responsible for immunity, willpower, and the ability to fight against all the evils in one’s life. Having the sun in a strong place gives the power to fight against all the odds in life.

In astrology, Sun is the ruler of all the planets and thus it influences one’s marital life as well.
It plays a trivial role in the girls’ horoscope in case of marriage. Astrologers will study the planets responsible for marriage problems, to make sure the couple, enjoys a happy and prosperous life. 

According to Vedic astrology, if the sun is located on the 7th house in the girl’s choice, it could cause real issues. The sun is the father of the solar system and the bhav or the house that the sun sits in will get burnt to a slight extent. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the Karak planet for the soul and the father. It is also the ruling planet of Leo, and it is exalted in Aries.

The position of the sun in the 7th house of the horoscope is a real problem for girls. It seems to attract ego in marriage and could ruin the smooth relationship between the couple. Also, some girls can end up in marriages, where the husband could be a real bully. Or they can get husbands who are bad-tempered and selfish and egoistic. 

Influence of the Sun on the horoscope of girls:

The longevity of the marriage is also a matter of question if the Sun is in the 7th position. It could result in the early death of the husband, or the legal separation of the couple. Thus, it is mandatory to study the influence of the planet Sun in the horoscope, before fixing the marriage. It is essential to study the planetary combinations of love marriageas well, to ensure the longevity of the relationship. The other effects of the Sun’s position in the girl’s Kundali chart are as follows:

  • Sun’s position in 1st house will result in a series of health problems for the couple.

  • The sun in the second house will not help in a favorable marital life

  • If the sun is in the 6th house, it will result in a dissatisfying relationship with the in-laws of the girl’s family.

  • If the sun is in the 7th house in the girls’ chart, it will deprive peace in her life.

  • Sun’s position in the 9th house will create disputes with the other ancestors in the family, and it will result in the loss of family property.

  • If the sun is at the 10th house of the kundali chart it will result in an unfriendly relationship with her father.

  • Sun in the 12th house of the horoscope will create sleep disorders for the girl. 

Significance of planet sun in the marriage:

The first 7 houses in the girl’s horoscope influence her parent’s house, while the rest of the house will have an impact on the partner’s house. The longevity of the marriage depends on the sun’s position. If there are any issues in the position of the sun, it is appropriate to seek the help of marital problems solution astrologer

Some best remedies suggested to remove these marital hurdles are feeding stray animals, petting dogs, performing Surya Namaskar, etc. The best astrologer will suggest ways to eliminate the obstacles and suggest remedies to get married soon and enjoy a happy married life. It is a must to seek the suggestions of the astrologer before looking for marriage proposals for the girl.