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7 Insights on Marriage & Career from Vedic Astrology

marriage astrology

Did you know that Vedic astrology can be a great friend in helping you out with two critical areas in life – marriage as well as career. It can give you accurate predictions and can answer any questions you may have around them. Let’s explore 7 areas today. 

Timing of marriage
The 7th house in one’s janma kundali is the house of marriage. If Jupiter in transit passes through or aspects either the 7th house, 7th lord or Venus and there are no bad influences of malefic planets like rahu, ketu, shani -  the possibility of a marriage is confirmed. The planetary timings called dasha, antardasha are checked and timing of marriage yog in the kundali is determined. 

Is marriage soon on the cards for me? Find out

Compatibility in marriage
Will your spouse be your best friend? Will you always tend to agree or disagree? 
Horoscope matching is also known as Kundali Matching. Using the Ashtakoot guna milan system, the compatibility between bride and groom is done on a point scoring system. The more qualities (gunas) match the more points and increased compatibility. A score of 18 and above is considered good for marriage. Check your online marriage prediction here.

Quality of marriage
One’s married life will go through several ups and downs, good phases and bad, periods of misery and fortune, which can be evaluated by the time-systems (dashas). This helps people understand exactly why they may be going through challenges in marriage and how long it would last, what can be done to overcome them etc.

Manglik dosh remedies
A person is said to be manglik when the planet mars sits in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses of the horoscope of a person. Effect of Manglik dosh can cause some adverse reactions in marriage. People generally consult expert astrologers to see if the match is possible for marriage or not.  Simple poojas, rituals and gemstone therapy can also minimize this dosh.

Govt or private job
In astrology, it is the 10th house that signifies career. Planet sun is related to authority, power, fame, name, politics and all subjects related to government. A strong sun is the best indicator of good chances of govt job. If the lord of 10th house is strong but placed in 6th/8th/12th house or of medium strength the person will work in private sector.

Does Private job or business suits you better?
Depending on your first house, its lord, career house and influence of strongest planets, which private profession suits you can be recommended. Your passion, interest and strengths for any particular private job can be easily determined. 
If numbers of planets in movable signs are more than the number of planets in fixed or common sign in a horoscope it indicates you are better for business. Prefer to talk to an expert who can suggest this for you? Book a telephonic astrology consultation!

Will you taste career success early or late in life?
Carefully observing the 1st house of your chart will help you determine the age at which you’ll be at the peak of success. The 10th house indicates job, profession and career. That is why, one is likely to have a job during the major period and sub-period of the 10th lord.